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My name is Jasmine, a 25-year-old woman living in Australia.

For as long as I can remember, life always felt like it could be so much more than it was portrayed to be. I would look up to the stars and wonder why we were all here and felt such a grand purpose in all that was reflected, and thus confused as this wasn't how life was lived by many around me.

And as time went on, I realised more and more that life can be more than just living day to day, more than reaching goals or even living to the 'fullest'.

From this, sitting down at my desk, my fingers started typing. And I began to share to all that had come to me, as life was no longer what it seemed to be.

Once the expressing absolutely flourished through writing, I realised that it allowed for a moment to earth what came to be and thus resulted in a much deeper appreciation of what simply is.

So, the above has resulted to be a space here to share without any reservations; to present that we can live in such a way that is true to what and who we are in every moment, regardless of the way the world has it already written...

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  We are, and we are living in and amongst divine particles of 
 the universe, for which will be the light to return to soul 
 ~ Jasmine Prentice 

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